The best smart watch, Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Design

Apple ‘s Apple Watch Series 4 announced on the 2018 September Apple Event is one of the best smart watches currently available. They completely re-engineered and redesigned it focussing more on the health and wellness aspect than previous models.

It is sold in two different sizes being 40 mm and 44 mm both in an aluminum or a stainless steel casing. No need to tell you the versions with aluminum casings are cheaper then the version with stainless steel casings. For both sizes and body types you can choose between a standard GPS model or the more advanced GPS+Cellular model.

All sizes and casings are available in three different finishes being black, gold or silver. A broad range of easy to swap bands are sold by Apple and third party manufacturers. This means the possibilities for customizing your wearable are endless.

The new Apple Watch Series 4 display has rounded edges and is approximately 30% bigger than the previous version. This improves its readability and allows more information to be shown on-screen. Even on bright days the 1000 nits OLED Retina-display ensures a clear and readable display at all times.

The watch body is also thinner although not really noticeable compared to previous models. Weighing only 30.1 grams for the 40 mm aluminum casing and 36.7 grams for the 44 mm aluminum casing, the Apple Watch Series 4 feels ultra light on the wrist and is even lighter than the already super light Fitbit Versa.  

Apple Watch Series 4 Features

Health and Wellness

The Apple Watch Series 4 is equipped with a dual core 64-bits S4 processor ensuring maximum performance at all times. Some articles even indicate that it can deliver the same performance as an iPhone 6s. Imagine this power and performance always available on your wrist.

A 32 g-force accelerometer combined with a next gen gyroscope is part of a fall detection system. This makes it possible to notify an emergency contact or emergency services when a fall is detected. No need to tell you that for elder people this can be a life-saver. For younger users no need to worry, this feature is off by default unless you set your age at 65+ on your Apple Watch or in the health app.

Another cool feature is the Digital Crown which now has integrated haptic feedback that also allows you to perform an ECG measurement (if supported in your region). This can be used to send important ECG information to your physician in an instant. Allowing them to gain insights in your heart rhythm and look for possible irregularities when needed.

Memory and battery life

With an on board storage capacity of 16 GB the Series 4 Apple Watch has more than enough memory to store your favorite music. Of course you can also use the Spotify app to play music while exercising. Combine this with Bluetooth headphones and there is no more need to take your iPhone with you on a workout.

On a full charge, taking only two hours, reviews state that the Apple Watch Series 4 exceeds Apple’s claimed 18 hour battery life when used in day to day life. For serious activity using the GPS function Apple claims at least 6 hours of battery life which according to TechRadar is spot on. 

However even longer battery life would allow sleep tracking which currently is not possible. This is a missed opportunity for Apple because  even a cheaper smart watch like the Fitbit Versa has this feature included.


The Apple Watch Series 4 might not be the cheapest smart watch on the market but it is definitely one of the best. The Series 4 Apple Watch comes in at $399 for a standard 40mm aluminum case GPS model with a sport band ranging all the way up to $1499 for a Hermes 44mm stainless steel GPS+Cellular model with a Fauve Barenia Leather Single Tour Deployment Buckle.


Is the Apple Watch Series 4 the best smart watch available on todays market and do you really need it? This really depends on what your needs are. If you are already immersed in the Apple ecosystem and you are looking for something to track your daily activities, the Apple Watch Series 4 is a cool addition to your collection so I would say, yes.

Do you want to use it more as a tool to help you improve your day and night balance and for serious exercising, probably not. The lack of sleep tracking is a serious disadvantage for a health and fitness tracking watch. In addition the battery probably will come up short for people who are in to endurance sports like cycling, marathon or triathlon. An alternative could be the cheaper Fitbit Versa with a 3 to 4 day battery life.



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