Running Watches

Running sport watches are watches that are made especially to help athletes keep track of their running times and distances.  Running sport watches make tracking a runner’s progress and setting goals easy and convenient. There are numerous watch manufacturers that make running sport watches, some of the most popular are Garmin, Nike, Polar, Timex, New Balance and Suunto. Depending on the brand of watch and the features the watch comes with, running watches range in price from $30 – $800.


Nike Running Watches

Nike makes a couple of the best running watches on the market today,  the Nike+ SportWatch GPS and the Nike +Sportband 2. The  Nike +Sportband 2 is a very basic running watch that offers stats of the runners pace, time and distance. It also offers a calories burned counter. The  Nike+ SportWatch GPS is one of the premiere running watches on the market today. This excellent watch offers numerous features including keeping track of pace speed, distance, laps and time. It also has a GPS, shows calories burned and has run reminders. Both Nike running watches are computer compatible. The  Nike +Sportband 2 costs around $60.


Garmin Running watches

The Garmin Forerunner Series are some of the best running watches around. Garmin running watches feature all the essential running stats such as the runner’s pace speed, how far the have run, how many calories they have burned and the time. The Garmin Forerunner series range in cost from $100 – $400.


Polar Running Watches

Polar has two running watches that are sure to impress, the Polar RS400/SD and the Polar RCX5. Both of these excellent watches offer long battery life, all the essential stats runners need to track their progress and many addition features such as GPS capabilities in the  Polar RS400/SD and a underwater heart rate sensor on the Polar RCX5, Both of the Polar running watches are expensive compared to the majority of other running watches on the market today. The Polar RS400/SD costs around $250 and the Polar RCX5.costs around $450.


Timex Running Watches

Timex offers a couple of affordable running watches that can easily compete with many of the more expensive running watches for sale today. Two of the best running watches made by Timex are their Ironman Triathlon Watch and the Bodylink T5F011.  Both of these Timex running watches records and displays runners speed, time and distance, plus they come with a stopwatch, lap memory and training log. The Timex  Bodylink T5F011 is GPS compatible. Timex running watches range in price from $75-$300.


Suunto Running Watches

The best of Suunto running watches is the Quest. The Suunto Quest tracks the runners pace, distance and time, and offers running and workout reminders. All the data collected by this excellent watch can be uploaded online so runners can get an in depth look at their training progress and set better goals for themselves. Suunto running watches feature an easy to read large face that is touch activated. The Suunto Quest ranges in price from $200 – $300.

Have you decided as to which watches are the best running watches?

Yes, it is very difficult to make a selection from so many good quality running watches. My personal preference is the range offered by Garmin, with all of the features you want in a watch specifically designed for a runner. And the best is still the price. Any runner can afford a good quality Garmin watch.

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