Best GPS Watches

Today you’ll find GPS devices everywhere, but you may not realize that there are GPS running watches available.  A GPS watch links up to the GPS satellite network to accurately measure your speed and distance during a run.  With the GPS coordinates, the location of the person with the GPS receiver can be tracked easily.  These watches use satellite triangulation to figure out your actual position-or the exact position of the watch, that is.

What is the best running GPS watch?

Perhaps a better question to ask is which are the most popular GPS watches currently on the market?  The Forerunner 305 is an older GPS system, yet is still amongst the most popular GPS system in existence.  Another GPS watch system for runners is the Suunto Training series watches.

We have listed the top selling GPS Watches in the following articles:

In this case, the best thing to do is to narrow down your choices among the best brands available.  All these watches carry the GPS facility.  A GPS running watch is the best watch for a sophisticated runner!

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